About Modaliv

Our Story

Having been involved in healthcare for many years, we noticed that far too many independent living products looked like they were designed in the 1970s and hadn’t changed much since then. We believe independent living products can be practical while also having an appealing design that blends in with today’s modern homes. At Modaliv, we offer products you don’t have to hide away but instead be proud to show off to family and friends. As we are passionate about improving the lives of all our customers so they can live independently with confidence and dignity.

About Us

Modaliv is a family business based in Sydney, Australia headed up by husband and wife team – Andrew and Karen.

Andrew is a product designer by profession and has over 20 years’ product development experience in various industries. He spent many years in the healthcare industry designing products that were easy to use while also being aesthetically pleasing. To develop these innovative solutions, Andrew extensively researched the customer’s needs, environments and issues they faced while using their every day healthcare products. This customer centric approach to design ensures that all Modaliv products are both functional and look great around your home.

Karen started off her career in aged health care over 20 years ago and gained key insights into the challenges the elderly faced in their day to day lives. She was also frustrated with many products that weren’t user friendly and had an unattractive, institutional appearance. After working in other areas of health in the intervening years, Karen was researching some independent living products for her father-in-law and was shocked to see the exact same institutional looking products still being sold today. She knew functional products didn’t have to be so hospital like in appearance and is on a mission to offer more appealing independent living products for today’s modern lifestyles.